Har snackat väldigt mycket med min värdsyster, typ varje dag, och hon är såå söt :')
Jag vaknade till detta mailet;
"Good morning to you, its Cattie,
I just got back from mall madness with my friends, Emma, Naomi and Caitrin. It is 1:15 in the morning! :) Just wanted to show u a few photos! :)
From: Caitrin,
From:Emma, hi i cant wait to meet u!!! Cattie is so excited to meet u to! She talks about u all the time. See u when u get here:)
From Naomi, hello can't wait to meet you i have already heard so much about you . did you know that i will also be receiving an exchange student from italy , can't wait to meet you
I am in the first photo.  Second photo is Naomi, the third photo is Emma and the forth photo is of Caitrin.  Then we were just being silly and we got in the little kid rides and got our picture taken.  The 2 in the ice cream truck are Emma and Caitrin and on the plane is Naomi and me.  We had so much fun. 
Talk to you more later. BYE
(Visar bara bilder på Cattie)
Cattie sitter längst bak ^.^

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